Do you want to undertake as an Expert?

Did you find a problem that needs an innovative solution? Outline your idea!
Behind every big innovation there is a big challenge. Think in the best possible product to solve it!
  • Organize and structure your idea.
  • Test your value proposition reliability.
  • Define who will be the beneficiaries of your innovation.
  • Point features you think your product should have and all the resources you will need to build it.
That this idea is not left only in your mind: Build the best product one step at a time!
We have to start building that innovation that you have in your mind already, defining business hypothesis around it and keeping the focus in the day to day.
  • Evolve your product from a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to a Product Market Fit.
  • Add new features to your product whenever you need.
  • Keep an eye always in your product and set limit dates.
Establish the basis of your startup
A big innovation needs to be built by a compromised team, with the same goals and culture.
  • Invite other users to your startup with an assigned role in it.
  • Hire freelances, contact investors and learn from mentors.
  • Manage permissions and authorizations of each member in your team. They see what you want them to see.
Enjoy the Work Spaces

Assign Tasks

Distribute your team's work

Develop your Idea

Shape what you have in mind

Build your Business

Generate adequate hypothesis for your product

Types of User

Inside Ignis Gravitas you can take several roles


Lead a startup


Search for outstanding startups to invest money


Talented individual disposed to work for any startup which require them


Special individual with deep knowledge in specific areas that can help startups


Person interested in just taking a look inside your startup


Experimented entrepreneur that give advice to startups in decision taking process