What is Ignis Gravitas, Inc.?
It is a Startup registered in Delaware, United States. Its objective is the expansion of the entrepreneurial culture and the growth of startups worldwide.

Through which channels does Ignis Gravitas, Inc. fulfill its purpose?
Through two pillars of utmost importance, the first is the connection with the entrepreneurial world through the technological platform and the second is the structuring of a complementary value proposal such as the Ignis Gravitas Academy, where all are trained Those interested in entrepreneurship, with the aim of promoting a new alternative in education, adapted to the new demands of the entrepreneurial world.

Is Ignis Gravitas, Inc an accelerator?
From a logistical and operational point of view, Ignis Gravitas has a personality focused on the acceleration of the different Startups that make life in its platform, soon these services will be complemented with the services of the Ignis Gravitas Academy, in order to provide a vision integral in the development of the entrepreneurial process, which every day face the Startups.

What is the e-VOLITION community?
Space where the different roles that make life on the platform can interact and therefore the accelerator Ignis Gravitas, Inc.

To whom is this proposal addressed?
Entrepreneurs, innumers, startups, freelancers, mentors, experts and investors, as well as established organizations that want to venture into the world of entrepreneurship. But initially, the entrepreneurs will be part of our first stage of development.

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