What is Ignis Gravitas, Inc.?

It is a Startup registered in Delaware, United States. Its objective is the expansion of the entrepreneurial culture and the growth of startups worldwide.

Through which channels does Ignis Gravitas, Inc. fulfill its purpose?

Through two pillars of utmost importance, the first is the connection with the entrepreneurial world through the technological platform and the second is the structuring of a complementary value proposal such as the Ignis Gravitas Academy, where all are trained Those interested in entrepreneurship, with the aim of promoting a new alternative in education, adapted to the new demands of the entrepreneurial world.

Is Ignis Gravitas, Inc an accelerator?

From a logistical and operational point of view, Ignis Gravitas has a personality focused on the acceleration of the different Startups that make life in its platform, soon these services will be complemented with the services of the Ignis Gravitas Academy, in order to provide a vision integral in the development of the entrepreneurial process, which every day face the Startups.

What is the e-VOLITION community?

Space where the different roles that make life on the platform can interact and therefore the accelerator Ignis Gravitas, Inc.

To whom is this proposal addressed?

Entrepreneurs, innumers, startups, freelancers, mentors, experts and investors, as well as established organizations that want to venture into the world of entrepreneurship. But initially, the entrepreneurs will be part of our first stage of development.

Is e-VOLITION free?

Currently, it is in the launching period so that temporarily no user will have to pay for its affiliation soon will be applying finance policies in the short, medium and long term.

When will I have to pay for my membership?

At the time it is appropriate to implement a finance policy, alerts and notifications will be issued from the platform to all our active users and members of the e-VOLITION Community informing about the affiliation price.

Who can make life in e-VOLITION?

At first, only the action of entrepreneurs is planned, later they can make a living, freelancers, experts, mentors and investors, as well as organizations.

What is my affiliation?

Create a startup with the objective of venturing into the world of entrepreneurship, promoted under an expert growth and a specialized process capable of providing the appropriate acceleration in your idea of ​​entrepreneurship. Later, organizations can be created.

Types of Organizations

    Startups, for young entrepreneurs and innovators.
    Organizations, for entrepreneurs, service providers and any of the other roles on the platform

In the future, can I have an organization and a Startup at the same time?"

  In fact if they can be had, only from Ignis Gravitas, Inc. is advised regarding the creation of organizations, that they should have a sense of complementarity with respect to the ideas and projects that are being developed in their startups.


Emerging business organization, whose objective is the realization and execution of its value proposition in the market. Based on high specialization and innovation schemes, thus generating a disruption to the established. Within e-VOLITION, these types of organizations will be able to design and execute their value proposal over time.


It is a group of people oriented towards the achievement of common objectives, emphasizing in its proposal of value the offer of traditional products and services apt for the development of conditions towards the entrepreneurial world. In Ignis Gravitas, organizations will be able to offer their products and services as well as establish the launch of events related to entrepreneurship.


long-term role

Roles of Freelancers, experts and mentors

Whoever enters Ignis Gravitas under these roles, will be able to advise startups under a global operating framework, so that the development of their professional profile will benefit from having different options at their disposal.


long-term role

Role of Investors

The one that makes financing to Startups and / or organizations within the platform, with the aim of strengthening different ventures and initiatives, likewise, an investor will be able to supervise the performance of a project and may desist from an investment agreement through a justified action, under the emission of a statement of motives towards the platform.


long-term role

Ignis Gravitas, Inc

It will be in charge of managing all the logistic and operative aspects of the e-VOLITION platform, as well as providing technical support tasks to the members of that community that request it, on the other hand, it will regulate and supervise all the transactions carried out on the platform , temporarily, Ignis Gravitas, Inc. will be the maker of an agreement between 2 or more entities involved. If necessary, you can attest to the existence of the same before third parties. This being also contemplated in the different terms and conditions.
*Long term: Roles that will appear soon in e-VOLITION.

What is e-VOLITION?

It is a technological platform, designed for the startup world, with the aim that entrepreneurs at the time of creation of their ventures have an expert domain in the process of developing their ideas, generating a relationship of efficiency in time, resources and productivity.

What direct benefits are perceived from the platform?

Initially the benefits are perceived by the entrepreneur, who enters a world of discipline and productive approach, where he will execute the most important tasks for the development of his idea, in addition, he will be able to establish the development of his product and his startup. However, these will not be all the benefits since you can also have a connection with a global market in the medium and long term in terms of entrepreneurship.

The global connection:

It is derived from the possibility of contacting freelancers, experts, mentors and, additionally, knowing investors that facilitate financing for different projects, as well as contacting organizations that can establish participation in events related to the project. entrepreneurial segment

Can established companies enter in e-VOLITION?

Ignis Gravitas, considers that companies can access our platform, in the same way, it is necessary to clarify that companies can only take advantage of the use of our tools as long as they seek to establish a criterion of innovation within their internal dynamics, that is, that they are open to change, with the aim of being able to renew and revitalize their value proposition in the market, through the creation of a startup, or also in the medium and long term with the creation of organizations to promote their products and services.

General clarification

e-VOLITION has a roadmap of tools which is aimed at establishing a growth path of the entrepreneurial process that starts each startup at the time of joining the platform, this is how all the areas of said section are generally described:

Idea: where you can develop the conceptualization of your business idea.

Product: establishes the construction and execution of your product under an expert eye.

Execution: track the completion of your product and the fulfillment of tasks of the members of your startup.

CEO: Concentrate on the most important aspects to develop within your startup capable of generating a high discipline towards success.

Business and finance: develop your business model and evaluate it under the growth of your entrepreneurial project in different seasons.

Infrastructure: build your team under a highly specialized gaze capable of providing an element of integration to the culture of entrepreneurial development.

Startup card: Generate the identity of your startup within the e-VOLITION community.

Business models tool

From the Ignis Gravitas platform, the business models of the startup can be developed, under the conceptualization of the Business Model Canvas (BMC). In addition, Ignis Gravitas, Inc offers the possibility of developing the hypotheses proposed here under a growth spiral.

Why the Business Model Canvas?

It is the most agile strategy, which is developed by the company Strategyzer Inc. of A. Osterwalder, able to provide easy hypothesis determination and the construction of solid value propositions, likewise, it is worth noting that the generation of business plans and investment projects, are more associated with the vision of the company, this is how, in contrast to what was previously stated, the generation of Business Models and the BMC is what most identifies with the development of startups and startups worldwide.

What is the spiral strategy?

It is a strategy devised by Ignis Gravitas, based on the conceptualization of 8 stations, where the business model of the startup has to go, being the same contemplated in the entrepreneurial literature under a basic definition, which are: Observational, First User , First User Group, Focus Group, Lighting, Primary Adopters, First Client and Scaling. Ignis gravitas, Inc in the development of this strategy, proposes the structuring of a displacement dynamic for each of these stations, with the aim of increasing the chances of success of your business model.


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