Términos y condiciones

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Basic premises

The term "platform" refers to Ignis Gravitas Inc.'s Volition creations that allow start-ups to develop under a proven and c­ertified process.

The term "process" refers to a set of theoretical and conceptual elements to which Ignis Gravitas Inc. has put special interest for its positive results to the entrepreneurial process.

The term "information" refers to facts and other information about you, including actions taken by users and their start-ups interacting within the Volition community.

The term "content" refers to any items that you, your personal profile, and your start-ups post, provide or share through the Ignis Gravitas Inc. Volition platform.

The term "publish" means to publish on Volition or otherwise provide content by using the brand of Ignis Gravitas Inc.

Information Management and Proprietary Rights

1) Ignis Gravitas Inc. reserves the right of ownership of all tools created under its own execution process, likewise, it should be noted that the tools that are part of its intellectual process are related to the development of conceptual, visual and instrumental phases of its creative process.

2) Just as in the tools, protection mechanisms are also established for all the procedures and conceptualizations that are here conceived in the handling and use linked to the platform. Thus, it is clear that a protection process is not only established for the promotion of its applications, but also for all the ideas and procedures established internally.

3) In this sense, unauthorized dissemination of our tools is prohibited, as well as any visualization of our platform that is not accompanied with our copyright or that does not come from our work of publication in social networks.

4) CEOs may request the platform to retrieve their start-up's information, which will be effective within 15 days of their second request.

5) Ignis Gravitas Inc. may take any legal action before third parties in case of total or partial dissemination of its process aimed at the development of start-ups, being the same adjustable to its applicable legislation. (detailed in numeral 27).

6) When registering in Volition the user agrees to share with the platform personal data related to the loading of the personal profile within the community of Ignis Gravitas Inc. being these established as the provision of information necessary to provide a sense of use and personalization of your session.

Charging process

7) Once the charging process is applied, it will be necessary to highlight that the same will take place the first 5 days of each month, being then its application at the beginning of each month of the same.

8) If, once the collection period has expired, it is found that the user has not made the payment, the start-up will be blocked from the platform. In this blocking process, Ignis Gravitas Inc. guarantees the safeguarding of all information previously worked on the account.

9) The platform's payment plans are structured in two different ways:

    a) One-time payment per year of $79 per start-up with six members.
    b) Per month payment of $7.99 with six member. Each group of three members after sixth member costs $.99 per month. Each extra product costs $2.99 per month. These costs will be then accumulated to the monthly rate.

Note: A freemium process is established with limited functionalities for free in order to concretely promote the process of advantages provided by Ignis Gravitas Inc. and its Volition platform to the entrepreneurial process.
Behavioral policies.

10) Ignis Gravitas Inc. guarantees the protection of the information of the start-ups that make life on the platform, with the objective of establishing levels of security and transparency within our community, making it clear that neither we, nor any other start-up has access to the information provided by each user in their accounts.

11) It is not allowed under any reason or circumstance, the use of offensive messages within the platform. This with the objective of fostering an environment of healthy coexistence between each of the parties and roles that make life within our ecosystem.

12) An account that does not log in for more than 2 months will be stopped to further do any payment to Ignis Gravitas Inc.

13) The reactivation of this account, will be made automatically when logging in back to the platform without any penalty.

Technical support policies.

14) Communications to the Ignis Gravitas Inc. team will be through the technical support section and additionally through the e-mail account Info@ignisgravitas.com.

15) Our social networks serve as an alternative support channel, in this case our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profiles play a highly complementary role to the above. However, this channel should be resorted to once a technical complication is demonstrated by the two aforementioned channels.

16) Responses to incidents and management of technical support issues will take place within 72 hours after the report is submitted.

About the Organizations and their events.

17) The events proposed by the organizations must be related to their area of services or topics related to start-up entrepreneurship.

18) Any topic outside these conditions will be eliminated by the Ignis Gravitas Inc. platform within the first 72 hours after its publication.

19) The elimination of an event posted by an organization will be notified to the members of the same 1 day before its execution, having the same a period of 24 hours to argue through a statement of reasons why the event has a relationship with the platform, its area of services and entrepreneurial activity.

Agreements and transactions between third parties.

20) Ignis Gravitas Inc. may disclose agreements with third parties within the platform, if necessary.

21) The action contained in numeral 20 shall only be of an informative nature so that third parties and authorities may be informed about a contractual relationship or an investment agreement that takes place between one or more parties acting under certain roles within the platform.

22) In the case of transactions within the platform, Ignis Gravitas Inc. contemplates in the long term the occurrence of future transactions between some roles, thus defining the possible transactions in the following table:

23) Table of possible monetizable transactions, between the roles that make life within the platform.

        a) Seeks Investors.
        b) Hires Freelancers.
        c) Hires Advisors.
        d) Hires Mentors.
        e) Hires Organizations.
        a) Finance Start-ups
        b) Hire Advisors.
        c) Hire Freelancers.
        d) Hire Mentors.
        e) Finance Organizations.
    Advisors, Freelancers and Mentors
        a) Be hired by start-ups.
        b) Be hired by organizations.
        c) Create organizations together.
        d) Be hired by an investor.
Note: For these cases, Ignis Gravitas Inc. will establish an intermediation fee between these services and its implementation will be progressive.

24) In the event of a failed negotiation, Ignis Gravitas Inc. is not responsible for theft and/or fraud actions that may arise as a result of any of the parties involved in this type of agreement.

25) For these cases, the ideal procedure would be executed through the initial application of numbers 20 and 21, as well as the subsequent elimination of a start-up or any role account if it is found that it incurred in any fault of this type.

26) These actions will be notified by means of a report through the established channels to the previously established contact services with Ignis Gravitas Inc.

27) The members that are part of the Volition ecosystem through the subscription of this agreement commit to comply with all aspects related to the Delaware legislation in the United States, being this the legal framework to which Ignis Gravitas Inc. is subject to.

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